General Insurance Software

SohamGeni – Core General Insurance Software

With SohamGeni core Insurance system, run your complete insurance business life cycle in an environment that is reliable and quick. SohamGeni uses latest technologies, provides an adaptive user experience and a strong platform for your business.

A closer look at SohamGeni, designed specifically for you:

Intermediary Management :

Are you still using third party software to track your agents and brokers and their commission payouts? Look nowhere, because we have it all, a quick, simple way of knowing your intermediaries & their policies

Customer Management :

Still trying to categorise your customer as Individual or Corporate manually. We make it easy! Categorize your customers, capture their details, define status as active, inactive, blacklist and fetch customer wise reports

Underwriting :

Core General Insurance System helps your underwriter with all lines of General Insurance business i.e. Motor, Fire, Aviation, Engineering, Marine, Travel and Miscellaneous lines of business. Streamlines your underwriter’s work and lets him/her evaluate and analyze the risk quicker.


Policy Administration :

Automatic recalculation of premium when an endorsement is performed (in pro-rate basis, 1/365 or 1/12 or 1/24 method). Handles manual policy termination, renewals, policy corrections in a swift way

Policy Administration...

Product Management :

A built-in robust engine letting you configure your company specific product rates, risks, loads, discounts, by authorized users only (Security is a key factor in SohamGeni)

Product Management...

Accounts Management :

A complete package of accounting, SohamGeni allows you to handle both your Insurance accounting and general accounting

Even if your policy holder is paying in installments and in different methods – Cheque, Cash, Bank, Credit/Debit Card, you can always rely on the powerful accounting system and billing of Soham

Claims Administration :

We know that a 360 degree view of the policy is always required before you approve or reject a claim and SohamGeni gives you that. A complete overview of the outstanding premium, status of a policy and it lets you capture every minute detail of a claim with documents, pictures, FNOL etc…

Reinsurance Management :

A comprehensive module, Reinsurance Management of Soham lets you configure all types of proportional and Non-proportional treaties for different Re-insurers

Reinsurance Management...

Master Data setup :

Configure all details of  your company, country and company branches

Multi-currency – You business is always expanding to different locations, having multiple currencies, so why look for a third party tool to convert your currencies? Configure multiple currencies, their conversion rates and choose the currency at underwriting, policy administration level

 Security Management :

A reliable feature, security management provides different levels of hierarchy for all users by specifying roles and access permissions

MIS reports :

An extravagant module giving you all the required reports for every level of hierarchy