Micro Insurance Software


Our objective is to provide the Micro Insurance Companies, with a valuable solution to streamline insurance processes adhering to industry best practices. Engage in enhancement of Micro insurance software – SohamMicro suite according to customer needs and technological advancements. It is a highly flexible and configurable suite of functionalities, dedicated to support and enable the needs of insurance underwriters, agents and brokers in Micro Insurance.

The Application covers the complete life cycle of micro insurance business, including product management, customer management, weather reports, claims, accounting and other reports, which caters for virtually the complete range of Micro Insurance Business like -Live Stock, Tools & Agricultural Instruments, and Personal Accident Contracts etc…

Core Micro insurance softwareSohamMicro is built on Micro Insurance business model that gives it flexibility well above the norm, which makes it robust, scalable and reliable application. Because of this flexibility, the core product is easily adaptable to a variety of client business models. SohamMicro is highly user friendly built on the latest technologies with end-to-end integrated functionality, which gives this product true multi channel capability.


  • Insurance Company Management
  • Product Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Satellite Data Management
  • Risk Modeling Module
  • Claims Management
  • Security Management
  • DFS Integrator
  • Accounts Managements


  • Completely web based application
  • Accessible anytime anywhere
  • Multi Lingual and Multi Currency Support
  • Automatic generation of MIS reports
  • Highly Scalable & Secured


  • Easy to use and relatively simple to learn
  • Centralized customer-centric system
  • Built on State of the Art J2EE technology
  • Provide high level of security
  • Exclusive on-line support software

SohamMicro product uses State of the Art in Java Enterprise web Application Development that makes it strong, scalable and reliable application, and using MS-SQL information. SohamMicro uses an exceedingly classic three-tier setting – Internet, Application, database with JBOSS Application Server. J2EE environment generates the core system functionality to provide the reliable services. Springs Framework connects this to the online front end.