Work Culture

Our Work Culture

People are our most valuable assets! That’s the motto of Human Resource! Here at Dream Tekis what matters the most is the determination and right attitude. We hire people who are willing to grow and succeed with us. It is indeed a Dream Tekis Family and in our family we care and support each other to grow! We strive to keep our employees engaged all the time. We enjoy our work by engaging in various activities organized frequently to boost our spirits.
We follow an open door policy. The HR & management are both open to any questions and suggestions anytime. The challenges faced and training attained by DTians is truly remarkable since being a product based company we have ample of opportunity for everyone to innovate & do research and development. The learning curve in DT never comes down!
We organize different events like SPARK (Best employee of the month), Birthday celebrations, FUNGAMA Day! Together we celebrate festivals, anniversary celebrations, involve in outdoor and indoor activities. The top management has a very personal touch with every employee and provides proper guidance and corrections whenever applicable. Team meetings are organised frequently to appreciate good works and to discuss on shortcomings & improvements to be made. Personal counselings/grievances handling is taken care by the HR department.