Why do you need a core Insurance system?


“Un-expectancy” is a reality of life; we are unaware of what future has in store for us. Even if you’re in good health, an unexpected illness can make you to pay an extra if you don’t have insurance. Insurance has turned out to be a noteworthy in most developed countries. Insurance is a protection offered by the insurance company to a person to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss; there are many kinds of insurance and reinsurance. This includes life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, rural insurance, commercial insurance and business insurance.

Benefits of using Insurance Software

Working in the insurance requires agents to be up-to-date constantly. It’s a fast moving and very intense field. Before the dawn of modern technology, it was very complicated and communications were relegated to multiple devices and much of it was done by hand. As the industry became larger and more complex, there’s an almost palpable need for the best insurance software. In today’s industry, many agencies are using a general customer relationship management (CRM) tool that works just fine for them. In many cases, they don’t see the need for specialized programs specifically for insurance. Imagine software that knows exactly what forms you need and what information needs to be placed into them. A program that is always one step ahead of the process and ready to deliver you the documents, information, and capability you require. This alone is a massive increase in efficiency and productivity.
Dream Tekis Software Pvt Ltd provides ultimate software solutions for Insurance Companies and Agents. Dream Tekis was incorporated on 5th of Jan 2006. With the tri-plans of ‘Soham Insurance Based Products’, we have made a transformation in this sector. Our products are a helping hand to many Insurance companies around the globe. So here is an Insurance solution under single roof with Dream Tekis. Our Insurance Software solutions are integrated into single, adaptable system. Dream Tekis products will sure transform your core operations, which will help you to achieve cost reductions, growth, scale, easier, more cost-effective strategies for agents & insured to work with you. General Insurance software also reduces acquisition, retention costs and increases the ease of doing business.
Dream Tekis is with the vision of aspiring to be a widely recognized as a trustworthy insurance based IT Company for providing high quality software applications with best services that can enable better business for our clients.
Dream Tekis confidence in ‘Soham’ products are built on the belief that ‘Our Technology Solutions Makes a Business Sense’, which influences and connects our different cultures, societies, and ways of life. Dream Tekis provide insurance software for agents, insurance software for companies, insurance management system, insurance solutions, insurance process application and so on which are very helpful. The different sectors of insurance such as General Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Re Insurance. Whether it is insurance for vehicle, building, business property, equipment, inventory or accidents, Dream Tekis offer products and services to protect it all. Dream Tekis is also one among the companies in the world which provides End to End solutions with all vertices of Insurance Software. Dream Tekis products are spread out in 12+ countries, 20+ Clients, 500+ Web App Users, and 4000+ Mobile App Users. Last but not the least; now Dream Tekis are a millionaire in terms of policy means having Million+ Policies.
Our Insurance Management System sources to cater to your entire insurance solution under single roof. Our Insurance Management Solutions are integrated into particular, flexible software system .Our products guarantees to transform your core procedures, which will help companies to attain cost reductions, development, scale, easier, more cost-effective strategies for agents & insured to work with you. Soham Insurance software will also reduce acquisition; retention costs and increases the ease of doing business.

Technology is our Strength… Insurance domain is our Asset!


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